Sunday, 21 February 2010

Non Archive no.2

Temperatures / Paper Legs

London on New York.
Several times in several London hot pockets we were hypnotized and charged by Temperatures. Before that we were playing this anonymous looking handmade 7" they put out. Duo is Peter and James and they're one of those units that steals the scenery of whichever space they play in. You just climb in. Temperatures gave us 'Allogomy' and they gave us Paper Legs, who we didn't know but got ourselves familiar quick. Releasing out of New York (on Heat Retention) and now SFO, we think, Paper Legs kept this white tape hot, kept the magnet strong.
Octagon cut out, pure white plastic dropped in purer pink card box with GG guarding the goods.

Temperatures play this : FROM A DARKENED SUN ROOF
on 24 feb along with the equally amazing SCULPTURE

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