Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It's not a BBQ

But there will be burgers.
PVI006/IBB004 Compilation Showparty @ Bardens. Serious flipping. Facebookers go crazy with the 'maybe attending' option here: FACEACHE
11 bands on 1 x 12 inch. All eleven bands representing at this show. As above with two more bands to be announced. Get it? This is a co-release with ITALIAN BEACH BABES
Join the pre-order party here: PVI SHOP
We're still waiting on finished copies but it is out Monday 1 March 2010
and we will have copies available at the show (day before release).
Jesse Spears of EL A did the sleeve art - 2 x 12" prints. Glenn Danzig owes Jesse a testimonial. Jesse rules it.
Players ruling:

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