Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Since that Pitchfork piece people are asking us where we got our tapes. Well no myth and mystery here. None. We went through, and have recommended many people to (Matt Flag and his burgeoning Suplex empire, the Sexbeat wonderkids for example) TAPELINE of Stockport, north England

Been a while since we used them but when we did, we filled our boots. Mixed and matched colours, and cases, they dug up some old faded labels from the 80s that had gone from red to washed out pink. Beautiful. We ordered up all of their cardboard cassette mailers (the cutest thing you've ever not seen) till they could order no more. Sorry about that. I mean who's gonna make cassette mailers now? When we made our order Alan was still driving his van down from Stockport to Brixton to deliver gospel tapes to the churches. Just golf carts he drives now, surely, what with the pitchfork-cassette-endorsement boomers. The new gospel kids.
Anyway Tapeline is cheap is easy, is extremely good and is right here:





Monday, 22 February 2010

Pitchfork on cassette

Pretty extensive article on cassettes/cassette culture just gone up on Pitchfork:

It's a pretty good dig. Three whole web pages - deeper than knee jerk.
And our very own John Arthur Webb is interviewed for this piece.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Non Archive no.2

Temperatures / Paper Legs

London on New York.
Several times in several London hot pockets we were hypnotized and charged by Temperatures. Before that we were playing this anonymous looking handmade 7" they put out. Duo is Peter and James and they're one of those units that steals the scenery of whichever space they play in. You just climb in. Temperatures gave us 'Allogomy' and they gave us Paper Legs, who we didn't know but got ourselves familiar quick. Releasing out of New York (on Heat Retention) and now SFO, we think, Paper Legs kept this white tape hot, kept the magnet strong.
Octagon cut out, pure white plastic dropped in purer pink card box with GG guarding the goods.

Temperatures play this : FROM A DARKENED SUN ROOF
on 24 feb along with the equally amazing SCULPTURE

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It's not a BBQ

But there will be burgers.
PVI006/IBB004 Compilation Showparty @ Bardens. Serious flipping. Facebookers go crazy with the 'maybe attending' option here: FACEACHE
11 bands on 1 x 12 inch. All eleven bands representing at this show. As above with two more bands to be announced. Get it? This is a co-release with ITALIAN BEACH BABES
Join the pre-order party here: PVI SHOP
We're still waiting on finished copies but it is out Monday 1 March 2010
and we will have copies available at the show (day before release).
Jesse Spears of EL A did the sleeve art - 2 x 12" prints. Glenn Danzig owes Jesse a testimonial. Jesse rules it.
Players ruling:

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Paper Engines

Helen Friel is the Paper Engineer that engineered the paper that made the boxes that housed the tapes that we put out. More than that, Helen worked a rough idea in to something much more beautiful. We knew we wanted to make something that resembled the religious audio tape in a box we found

we put some colours in to conversation, Helen patiently cut, glued, die-cut and gave us dummies which became the real things.

Helen is HERE
sells (buy) here: HELEN'S ETSY STORE

Non Archive no.1

Talbot Tagora / Hand Jobs

Something else begins.
TT blew our minds in Seattle. Literally blew our minds back over america over the big sea back to London leaving us maintaining echoes here of what we felt there by listening to 'Taking out the Trash' & 'Volcano Girls' over and over and over again. Meanwhile on the other edge of america, fucking with NY, Hand Jobs made us feel wild, weird = vital. Before our eyes they took apart some Brooklyn art space under a shower of cheese flavor popcorn.
What is motive? Maybe a motive is ham fisted. The best. Maybe a motive is simple, glorious short sight? Our motive: to poach some mutual magic, dub it on to some cassettes have some beautiful handmade die-cut boxes made, photocopy JT leroy, throw whatever she is in to the box and make them available to whoever might want them. Motive (never) ends and something else begins.

Talbot Tagora released full length 'Lessons in the Woods or in a City' in 2009 on Hardly Art
and more, more, cdr, 7" vinyl riches:

Alana! Claire!
Hand Jobs resonate. Re-per-cuss. Where? Always and Forever!
Contributed two tracks for 'Gimme Cooties' comp 2009. 18 all girl/girl fronted NY/surrounding East Coast bands. Put out by For The Birds collective.