Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Non Archive no.1

Talbot Tagora / Hand Jobs

Something else begins.
TT blew our minds in Seattle. Literally blew our minds back over america over the big sea back to London leaving us maintaining echoes here of what we felt there by listening to 'Taking out the Trash' & 'Volcano Girls' over and over and over again. Meanwhile on the other edge of america, fucking with NY, Hand Jobs made us feel wild, weird = vital. Before our eyes they took apart some Brooklyn art space under a shower of cheese flavor popcorn.
What is motive? Maybe a motive is ham fisted. The best. Maybe a motive is simple, glorious short sight? Our motive: to poach some mutual magic, dub it on to some cassettes have some beautiful handmade die-cut boxes made, photocopy JT leroy, throw whatever she is in to the box and make them available to whoever might want them. Motive (never) ends and something else begins.

Talbot Tagora released full length 'Lessons in the Woods or in a City' in 2009 on Hardly Art
and more, more, cdr, 7" vinyl riches:

Alana! Claire!
Hand Jobs resonate. Re-per-cuss. Where? Always and Forever!
Contributed two tracks for 'Gimme Cooties' comp 2009. 18 all girl/girl fronted NY/surrounding East Coast bands. Put out by For The Birds collective.

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